We offer the capability to perform turnkey design and manufacture or contract manufacturing. Provide us with your Bill of Materials and any special instructions and we will purchase the material and assemble your product.

Circuit Board Asssembly

Signum operates a complete in-line surface mount assembly line in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Our surface mount equipment can handle fine pitch assembly work and standard package sizes at high rates of speed to IPC standards. Signum has chosen to use the finest insertion equipment from MyData.
We also offer complete through-hole and mixed technology service. Signum employs experienced supervisors and inspectors, along with a team of experienced line workers who are enabled with state of the art equipment.


Signum creates custom testing procedures for each unique product that comes through our manufactuing line. With this control over testing, Signum can ensure every component is properly functioning making certain there are no unforeseen issues after the producted is delivered.

Final Assembly

Signum can assembles multiple sub-assemblies into complete assemblies. Whether it is just one step in the process or a start from scratch product, we can assemble your electrical electrical devices. From placing chips on PCB's to placing completed boards in enclosures; Signum has it handled.

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