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Your end-to-end IoT Service provider

The Signum solution is designed from the ground up with full integration in mind. We design the hardware. We provide your data plan. We host and deliver  your data.

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Efficient data collection for every enterprise

No matter the industry, remote monitoring provides immediate return on investment by reducing the need for people to visit remote locations, except when needed.

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In the office, you have immediate, up-to-date visibility of the conditions in the field. No need to call or send someone to check on things.

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Eliminate the need to create and manage IT assets.

At Signum, we manage all the infrastructure needed to keep your operations up and running. No expensive servers to set up or maintain. No worries with system downtime. Your focus is on your operations, not on IT challenges.

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More reliable. More accessible.
More ways to be productive.

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Level Monitoring

Stay up to date from far away by knowing environmental conditions.

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Inventory Management

Keep tabs on your inventory – even in remote locations.

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Delivery Tracking

Track shipments by deploying Signum Edge devices at customer sites.